Basement Bars and Kitchens

Basement bar/kitchen

Large bar areas are great for entertaining guests

Basement remodels from our experienced team at Davis Construct LLC provide wonderful transformations for any home’s sub-level. If you are in need of a second place for food storage, a designated entertainment area, or extra cabinetry, basement bars and kitchens from our skilled construction team are a great option for you and your home. Adding increased value, aesthetic pleasure and efficiency of living space overall, basement remodeling with bars and kitchens make a home feel entirely complete, from top to bottom.

Sub-Level Bar Areas

Create the perfect basement entertainment area by making it complete with a sub-level bar. Basement bars are fantastic additions to any home for any occasion. From hosting simple gatherings on the weekends, to merely relaxing after work during the week, a humble bar entertainment area will supply countless good times and everlasting memories.

Full Kitchens & Kitchenettes

Basement bars make you feel as if your sub-level is complete and purposeful, yet a full-service kitchen or kitchenette on a home’s sub-level will make you certain of it. They are also great accompaniments to basement bars, creating a full sense of completion. And kitchen cabinetry and counter space make for great storage locations for dishes, waste, cleaning supplies and other items encountered daily.

Impressive Extras and Details

Customize your kitchenette to suit your style

Basement refinishing gives you more than an extra room; it can be used to serve one specific purpose or several, from creating a simple hobby area, to establishing a sub-level apartment. This makes adding beneficial extras and impressive details fun for everyone enjoying the space. Whether you choose to add electrical outlets and energy efficient appliances, such as televisions and refrigerators, to select lighting features and personal design options, our team will help build your perfect, customized basement space for you and you guests to enjoy.

Do not let your basement be a place where storage bins are stored or a where laundry does not even want to be. Achieve full use of all the space within your entire home. Contact us today about scheduling a consultation for your basement remodel. Whether you are adding a kitchenette, bar, or simply revamping needed space, our experts at Davis Construct LLC will ensure that your basement remodel pleasantly surpasses all of your expectations.



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