Case Study on Basement Remodel in the South Hills

South Hills Basement Remodel

Davis Construction prides ourselves on the job we do in our Pittsburgh community. We live and work in our community, and customer satisfaction is our highest priority. A good example of our skill set is this Case Study of a basement that we recently remodeled in the South Hills. It has been difficult to imagine the basement as it was, when the project first started, back in July. This remodel I a great example of the work that Davis Construction can do.

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Project Spotlight – South Hills Pittsburgh Basement Remodel

Basement Renovation in the South Hills of Pittsburgh

The client built their home around 20 years ago, and it was time for the space to be re-purposed. Originally the area was divided in two areas with a half-wall, one side for their dog and the other side served as a playroom for their two children. The dog has since passed, their eldest child has left for college, and their youngest is now 13.

Their vision was to open up the space, clear out the clutter, and have a really nice billiard room. In addition to the usual finishes, we added a vented gas fireplace with a custom oak mantle and surround. We also added an 8′ wide wet-bar, with granite counter tops, dishwasher, and beverage center.

Looking at the room now, its it’s hard to imagine this is the same room I first saw back in July, with the dated dropped-ceiling, peel-and-stick flooring, and painted block walls.

If you need your basement redesigned or repurposed, Check out our Basement Remodeling page or our gallery.

Pittsburgh Basement remodeling before
Pittsburgh Basement Remodeling after

Basement Bar Construction Pittsburgh
South Hills Pittsburgh Basement Remodel
South Hills basement Remodel

Creating a Basement Bar

Basement Bar Installation

A basement bar can add the extra space and entertaining area that you have been seeking in your home. Bar installation can be done quickly and easily, with a few main factors to consider. Once you have thought of what you want your basement bar to provide for you, then the basement bar installation can be done quickly with the help of bar installation services in Pittsburgh. This is a great space that you will be able to enjoy with family and friends for years to come!

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Turn Your Basement into a Whole New Room

Transforming Your Basement

There is no reason why basements should carry the reputation of being a dreary place within your house, serving no purpose other than laundry and storage. Each room of your home, basement included, deserves to have complete functionality and a specific purpose for its residents. From attic to basement, the Davis Construction team is able to remodel and renovate your Pittsburgh living space. To get your project started, here are a few key things to consider for your next basement remodel project.

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What About Constructing a Floating Deck?

Building a Floating Deck

Summertime is the best season of the year add and enjoy a custom deck creation. Anyone who is considering the investment of a new deck construction should take a look at floating deck options. Contrary to strict supports of traditional decks, floating decks are equally as safe, and are more functional than standard deck builds. Whichever deck style you choose for your own outdoor space, the pro’s at Davis Construction are able to create it all!

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Deck Building Tips for Home Owners

Deck Building Tips

When it comes to deck building, there is much to keep in mind for maintaining a smooth-running construction process that yields stunning results. You want your deck to be fully planned out and prepared for before actual deck building begins. That’s why our experts at Davis Construction have provided you home owners with a list of a few key tips for deck building. You can also contact our professional deck builders today for additional information!

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Your Deck Building Process

Building a New Deck

Your deck building process should be nothing but enjoyable! At Davis Construction, we walk with you every step of the way, from initial design, to deck building and construction for a flawless process. This not only brings you detailed results, it also gives you peace of mind throughout your entire experience of our deck building process.

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2016 Design Ideas from Davis Construction

Davis Construction Designs

Spring is one of the best times of the year for remodeling and giving your space a fresh uplift. At Davis Construction, we recognize that your remodel needs to cater to this concept for the most enthralling results. Design ideas are meant to capture your own style and reflect your personality. That is why we have created a list of 2016 design suggestions for you!

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How Are You Using Your Basement?

What is in Your Basement?

If your basement is more like a dungeon that you are utilizing for mere storage, you are not capturing the full potential of your space. There is no reason why any one’s basement should be looked at any differently than the rest of your home. The certified basement contractors of Davis Construction are here to help you gain full functionality of your home as a whole—basement included!

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Basement Flooring Options

Basement Flooring

One of the biggest challenges to basement remodeling, is choosing the type of flooring and its style. Basements are prone to humidity and moisture issues, leaks, uneven surfaces, and other complications. This makes choosing a floor to handle it all, quite important. At Davis Construction, we help you narrow down the selections for choosing your particular basement’s perfect flooring option. And as one of the best finished basement contractors in the area, we can complete all of your basement flooring and remodeling needs with absolute customer satisfaction.

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