2016 Design Ideas from Davis Construction

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Spring is one of the best times of the year for remodeling and giving your space a fresh uplift. At Davis Construction, we recognize that your remodel needs to cater to this concept for the most enthralling results. Design ideas are meant to capture your own style and reflect your personality. That is why we have created a list of 2016 design suggestions for you!

Create Nostalgic Displays of Glory

Some design views of today focus on the styles and memories of yesterday. Relive your glory days and favorite memories with a show-case style remodel. Create nostalgic displays of pictures, trophies, bands and more of what makes you pleasantly reminisce the old days. You can also create display set ups to be filled later. No matter the type of display, Davis Construction can create it for you and your space!

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Add Elements of a Futuristic Style

If you are not one for displaying old times among your room design, adding a few futuristic elements may be what you are seeking. Lighting, artwork and furniture, for instance, can go a long way in overturning your space. Take your home or office from looking out dated, to feeling futuristic!

Cover the Timeless Classics

When your style sways in between the two selected types of décor above, you may want to go in the middle and dabble with timeless classics. From a room of Hollywood glamour or a Sea Captain’s Quarters, to a lodge, game room of entertainment or a fun intellectual study, there are countless options for a new, old or themed remodel. Let your design ideas revamp the classics for compelling 2016 room designs.

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