Basement Flooring Options

Basement Flooring

One of the biggest challenges to basement remodeling, is choosing the type of flooring and its style. Basements are prone to humidity and moisture issues, leaks, uneven surfaces, and other complications. This makes choosing a floor to handle it all, quite important. At Davis Construction, we help you narrow down the selections for choosing your particular basement’s perfect flooring option. And as one of the best finished basement contractors in the area, we can complete all of your basement flooring and remodeling needs with absolute customer satisfaction.

-Basic Concrete and Carpeting Choices

Some of the most common types of flooring are basic concrete and roll-out carpeting. Though basic concrete is not the safest, best insulating floor material, concrete basement floors are waterproof and able to be customized to fit your style. It is able to be stained to meet any color palate and design that you are working with.

Basement Flooring

Carpet is another popular floor option. It is much more kid friendly, and is a much better insulator than concrete, by far. Basement carpeting can come in a wide range of colors and textures, to meet your own unique preferences and remodeling needs. Carpeting, on the downside, is not waterproof, and can retain several allergens from pet dander, to dust and more (even with regular vacuuming).

-Wood Floor Finish Selections

As a more stylish, and minimal maintenance selection for basement floors, wood flooring is a fantastic choice. Hardwood floors are able to be either attached and secured to subflooring, or installed atop it (‘floating wood floor’ method). This basement floor option is also long lasting, proving to be a good investment both now and later.

-Alternatives of Various Tile Options

Be it ceramic and vinyl tiles, or interlocking carpet pieces, the tile form of flooring is an innovative option for homeowners. One of the best benefits of this flooring route, is that if spills, burns, or other stains and damage occur, only the effected area tiles have to be replaced rather than the entire floor (unlike whole sheets, or rolled carpeting options). This can take a bit longer to install, but it is well worth your satisfaction with the end results.

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