Basement Tips for Winter

Winter Basement Tips

Pittsburgh’s weather may fluctuate, but there is no denying that the winter season has set in. And in regards to your basement, this means you and your home need to be prepared. Be it freezing pipes, water leaks, flooding or another one of the many issues that accompany winter, finished basement builders of Davis Construction are here to keep you and your basement prepared all season long.

-Seal Your Windows, Walls and Doors

Some of the most common issues that homeowners encounter with their basements during winter time involve leaks and drafts. Whether your basement has a few cracks in the walls or on its floor, or if your basement’s entrances and window areas are colder than the rest of the room, sealing all of these locations and minor problems go far in preventing the issues from worsening. By sealing the windows, doors and walls of your home, you will greatly reduce your chance of encountering chilling drafts and excess energy costs, as well as water leaks and even major flooding!

Winter Tips

-Add Insulators & Update Room Elements

Sealing up certain aspects of your basement will greatly aid in protecting it against the complications of winter. Yet, you can only patch things up so many times before it becomes ineffective. Once your basement entrance has more than one measly draft, for instance, you should consider updating the doorway and its nearby windows. Adding other insulation properties, such as area rugs and carpeting will also help to minimize drafts and reduce energy costs.

-Partake in Preventative Measures

The best way to fix any basement issue is to prevent the problem from occurring altogether. Scheduling an occasional service check, for instance, will help you to identify problematic areas that need attention, before those issues result in severe damaged. And if your upkeep inspection reveals neither potential issues nor current problems to face, you’ll at least gain peace of mind knowing that your home is safe and ready for winter.

Contact the experienced finished basement contractors of Davis Construction in Pittsburgh. Call now at (724) 338-8749 to set up a consultation or for more detailed information. We are here to keep you and your basement safe and prepared for anything winter brings, all season long.


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