Creating a Basement Bar

Basement Bar Installation

A basement bar can add the extra space and entertaining area that you have been seeking in your home. Bar installation can be done quickly and easily, with a few main factors to consider. Once you have thought of what you want your basement bar to provide for you, then the basement bar installation can be done quickly with the help of bar installation services in Pittsburgh. This is a great space that you will be able to enjoy with family and friends for years to come!

When checking into basement bar installation, there are seven things to consider to create a distinctive basement bar. Once you make these decisions, your bar installation can happen quickly.

Basement Bar Installation

LAYOUT: How do you want your bar to look? Where will the sink, the cabinets, the liquor space, the seating go? Bar installation services in Pittsburgh can be completed for you Davis Construction. Contact us for design help to create your perfect basement bar.
SOUND CONTROL: A bar can get raucous a loud. Since your basement bar is in your home, most likely around neighbors, you must consider how to keep the sound in check. Talk with the bar installation specialists in Pittsburgh about different ways to control the sound in your basement bar.

THE RIGHT MATERIALS: At Davis Construction, we always have the right materials for any job. For a bar installation, we know that you need easy to clean, durable surfaces, that are beautiful. Talk to us about your basement bar installation so we can help you pick out the right materials for your basement bar.

PLUMBING: Adding a sink and even an extra bathroom in the basement make the basement bar area self-sufficient. No trips up and down the stairs by your guests! It is easy and affordable to add special pumps to make this happen. You bar installation services in Pittsburgh will help you make a decision about this.

THE FLOOR: The floor can vary in basements but chances are, you want the floor easy to clean! There are many different beautiful and durable options for you to consider, with the help of the professionals at Davis Construction.

LIGHTING: Consider different types of lighting with the help of the bar installation services of Pittsburgh. Professionals can help you pick out the lighting that will make your basement bar shine brightly.

FINAL TOUCHES: The fun part! Trophies, pictures, pennants, other sports memorabilia, all of these items are what your will make your basement bar your own. After all of the design and the work of the basement bar installation, this is when you get to have fun and create your own little utopia.

When you are ready to move forward, contact Davis Construction to move forward in your basement bar installation.


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