How Are You Using Your Basement?

What is in Your Basement?

If your basement is more like a dungeon that you are utilizing for mere storage, you are not capturing the full potential of your space. There is no reason why any one’s basement should be looked at any differently than the rest of your home. The certified basement contractors of Davis Construction are here to help you gain full functionality of your home as a whole—basement included!

Invest in Actual Flooring

You probably wouldn’t consider cement flooring for your home’s bedrooms or living room. So, there is no reason why your basement’s floor should be made of concrete or dirt (in extreme cases of basement neglect). The basement of your home is a room with usable space like any other part of your house. Don’t waste it; enjoy your space fully!

Basement Remodel

Research the Best Ceiling Options for Your Space

Suspended ceilings are some of the most commonly chosen basement ceiling options around. This type of ceiling installation can influence room temperature, reduce noise travel, provide water resistant properties for peace of mind, and more. Suspended ceilings also offer ultimate ease of access to ductwork, electrical cords and cables, etc. …

Add Finishing Touches for Superior Results

Finishing touches will go far in helping to transform your drab basement into a welcoming living space for all to enjoy. From decorative moldings, to lighting options and other decorative details will help to add elements of warmth to your space, which every home needs. Our expert basement contractors can also add customized touches, so that your house feels more like a home that expresses your own style.

From top, to bottom and additives in between, finishing your basement is an investment with a guaranteed payoff. Not only does a refinished basement add mega value to your house, it also adds tremendous value to your home. For some of the best work of basement contractors in Pittsburgh, contact our licensed professionals of Davis Construction. Give us a call at (724) 338-8749 for more information or to schedule a consultation. We will help you transform your basement into a functional, aesthetically pleasing space for your guests and the entire family to enjoy.


Your basement can be a great way to add a significant area of usable space while adding to your home’s value.

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We build custom designed decks and use all products from treated lumber to composite decking and railings.

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