Turn Your Basement into a Whole New Room

Transforming Your Basement

There is no reason why basements should carry the reputation of being a dreary place within your house, serving no purpose other than laundry and storage. Each room of your home, basement included, deserves to have complete functionality and a specific purpose for its residents. From attic to basement, the Davis Construction team is able to remodel and renovate your Pittsburgh living space. To get your project started, here are a few key things to consider for your next basement remodel project.

Plan Carefully and Accordingly

Extensive planning is essential for creating the perfect space in your home now as well s for later. For instance, are you going to be adding to your basement remodel later on? Making preparations for both current and future construction projects now will enable the entire process to have a smooth transition. Do not forget to also plan carefully when dealing with ductwork, piping, electrical components, height restrictions and similar factors—especially when planning another project. No one wants to complete a construction project only to re-wire things a short while later.

Basement Remodel

Customize Style & Features of Functionality

One of the best parts of conducting a full basement remodeling project is the freedom of style customization and catered functionality. You get to personally select and design your space to meet your unique taste and functionality needs. Are you looking to create an in-law suite that’s complete with a kitchenette and bathroom, a simple game room or an in-depth study? Identifying what the space will be used for and how is a crucial step before beginning your basement remodel project.

Don’t Forget About Safety

Above proper planning, style selections, and customized room functions, is the review and implementation of certified safety. Be sure that your hired contractor is a certified professional, like the experienced team at Davis Construction. It is more than imperative that construction codes be met appropriately during remodels, for your ultimate safety, durability and peace of mind.

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Davis Construction will convert your unfinished or outdated Pittsburgh basement into fully functional new space. Every room of your home deserves to have functionality and a purpose, from attic to basement. Contact the professional basement remodeling experts of Davis Construction now to learn more and schedule a FREE consultation. Call (724) 338–8749 and start the journey to making your home complete, top to bottom.


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