Preparing Your Basement for Winter

Is Your Basement Ready for Winter?

The winter season brings with it more than simple snow. Winter also comes with freezing pipes that are destined to burst, indoor chills, and major leaks as the season subsides for the year. From the start of winter the end of it, your home will naturally encounter many threats of the season.This makes it extremely important to prepare your basements and the rest of your home properly, before it is too late.

Frequent Humidity Level Checks
Seasonal checks of the humidity levels of your home, especially in your basement, is imperative for catching moisture issues before they cause serious damage. Basements are prone to major issues such as mold growth, because of minor moisture issues from humidity, indoor and outdoor leaks, et cetera… Tricks from running a space heater, to making use of a dehumidifier will greatly aid in maintaining the room’s relative humidity, as well as temperature comforts.

Winter Basement

Winter Basement

Proper Duct Work and Cozy Piping
When your home’s duct work is not properly connected and insulated, it can result in a loss of nearly 60% of heated air before that air even makes it to vents near you. Also when not properly insulated, exposed pipes in the middle of winter are at risk of freezing and either cracking or fully bursting as a result. This means water leaks, damage, and even more issues to deal with. For preventative measure, and peace of mind, insulate the piping within your home. Protecting pipelines from freezing cold temperatures will reduce the risk of pipe structure problems and water damage issues.

The Importance of Waterproofing
Whether it is for protecting against frozen pipe bursts, or preparing for when winter precipitation thaws, waterproofing is not ever a bad idea. Make sure that your basement is properly waterproofed, before signs of water damage appear. Once they do, whether from direct water sources or humidity, it will most likely be too late.

With the Davis Construction team preparing your basement for the winter season, you will be worry free when things start to freeze (and later thaw). As some of the best finished basement builders and contractors around Pittsburgh, your services from Davis Construction are backed by an outstanding A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Contact us today at (724) 338-8749 for more information on our basement protecting, weatherproofing and additional construction services. From our superior basement remodeling, to our professional roofing services, we make sure that your home is complete, from top to bottom.


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